Artificial Intelligence

PaperWork AI

We combine the power of Artificial Intelligence with PaperWorkBPM to enable growth and productivity.

Future-proof your
organization with
artificial intelligence

Increase the productivity of your human capital by supporting it with Artificial Intelligence.

Support Operations with Artificial Intelligence

Automate document handling and processing, sensitive information discovery and protection, and workflow routing by using cognitive technologies and machine learning with PaperWorkBPM AI.

Improve employee satisfaction and motivation by giving them more time to work on more complex and challenging tasks, enabling them and the business to grow.

Intelligent Business Process Management

Automatic document processing

Use the power of PaperWorkBPM AI to automatically classify documents, extract data from the documents and use them in the processes.

Classify scanned or electronic documents automatically, and tag documents with the right data for easy and fast access. Use extracted data in the workflows, share it with the other systems, and remove manual document processing from your operations.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Know where your sensitive documents are

Stay compliant, and protect your customers, employees, and your business by detecting and protecting sensitive information in the documents.

PaperWorkBPM AI automatically detects and flags sensitive information in the documents using cognitive technologies and natural language processing.

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