Transforming Customer Service: 78% Improvement Achieved with SAP and PaperWorkBPM Integration

The Challenge

Recently, digital transformation became a top priority for our organization as we aligned our goals with a new corporate strategy and culture. Part of this transformation involved implementing SAP ERP four years ago. As our processes matured during the transition period, optimising and streamlining them for efficiency became increasingly important. One key issue we identified was the need for a content management system to manage digital and paper documents and the workflows supporting SAP processes, giving us a 360-degree view of our corporate operations.

After thoroughly evaluating all available vendors and products for a year, we chose PaperWorkBPM as our platform. The seamless integration abilities of PaperWorkBPM with our SAP system and the strong document security and encryption features were key selection criteria for us. The platform’s user experience, the project management methodology and the support provided by the PaperWorkBPM team were also important factors that gave us confidence in our decision.

This project aimed to implement a system that could support SAP ERP processes and enable the design, execution, and management of workflows outside of SAP. We have a high volume of document traffic between process stakeholders, including business units and customers. The ability to efficiently manage this traffic and workflows was a key consideration in our evaluation process. As we operate in a regulated industry, the security of our processes, data, and documents was also a critical factor in our selection.

Digital Transformation Story

We worked with the PaperWorkBPM team to create a three-year project plan, focusing on quick wins to gain support from our users and management and build momentum for future projects. We started with implementing the Vendor and Proposal Evaluation processes, which we deployed in eight weeks. We also integrated our Active Directory and SAP HR module with PaperWorkBPM to manage user authentication and synchronize user information.

In addition to streamlining our business processes, we also set out to digitize paper documents stored in remote locations and ingest them into the PaperWorkBPM document repository. With this integration, SAP users can now access documents within the SAP user interface and scan or upload documents directly into the PaperWorkBPM repository. This has allowed us to cut customer service processing time at the counter by 78%.

We have many remote offices and need to manage correspondence among them, with customers, and with regulatory authorities. To streamline this process, we implemented a Correspondence Management workflow with PaperWorkBPM that allows for the review and approval of communication with regulatory authorities by headquarters, regardless of the region it is related to. This has improved the efficiency of our communication process and ensured compliance with regulations.

Overall, our experience with PaperWorkBPM has been extremely positive. The platform has allowed us to streamline and automate our business processes, improving efficiency and visibility. The user-friendly interface and strong support from the PaperWorkBPM team have made it easy for our team to adopt and utilize the platform effectively. We are confident that PaperWorkBPM will continue to be a valuable strategic partner for our organization as we pursue further digital transformation projects.


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