PaperWorkBPM for Outlook

Transform Your Outlook into
a Powerful Workflow Hub

Unify your email and workflow tasks with the PaperWorkBPM Outlook Add-in. Turn your Microsoft Outlook client into a task center, managing your emails and workload seamlessly from one place. 

Seamless Outlook Integration

PaperWorkBPM for MS Outlook is a powerful tool that brings your workflow tasks and emails together, enhancing productivity and collaboration. With PaperWorkBPM for MS Outlook, you can review, approve, or reroute tasks by reviewing information sent to you by email. Complete tasks with the click of a button in the emails, improving process efficiency and agility. 

Unified Task Management

Manage all your business processes directly from Microsoft Outlook, providing a unified and streamlined interface for all your workflow needs. No need to switch between different applications.

Team Performance Reporting

Monitor and control workflows with team performance reporting that offers historical and real-time insights, enabling you to measure productivity, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Document Management

All documents attached to a form are automatically sent to a central document repository, allowing you to apply all the policies defined in your document management system uniformly across all forms.

Process History

Keep track of your process history directly from Outlook. With the Process History feature, you can view the entire lifecycle of your workflows, from initiation to completion, directly from your Outlook interface.

Fast and Efficient

With PaperWorkBPM for MS Outlook, you can manage your tasks directly within the email messages sent by PaperWorkBPM. This feature allows you to handle your tasks without leaving your inbox, making your workflow management more efficient. 

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