PaperWorkBPM and SU Consultancy Announces Partnership for Intelligent Process Automation

PaperWorkBPM, a leading provider of intelligent business process management (IBPM) software for businesses of any size, and SU Consultancy, today announced the partnership to offer the PaperWorkBPM platform in the UK market.

PaperWorkBPM is a powerful low-code IBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management) platform used by companies of any size to accelerate digital transformation allowing business users with little to no coding experience to build digital processes. PaperWorkBPM’s intuitive and cost-effective process automation and document management software platform benefits companies by streamlining business processes faster and with less rework.

The PaperWorkBPM platform shortens moving from idea to go-live timelines from months to weeks for companies with time-pressured process automation agendas.

The partnership between PaperWorkBPM and SU Consultancy allows UK companies to benefit from PaperWorkBPM’s IBPM platform.


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