Robotic Process Automation

Elevate to Hyper-Automation

Build your automation faster and run it more efficiently at a lower cost with PaperWorkBPM and Robusta RPA.

BPM and RPA,
Better Together

Build Your Process Automation Faster

Using BPM and RPA together takes you to the hyper-automation level, which cannot be achieved by using them individually. Automate your business processes with seamlessly integrated, no-code Robusta RPA for maximum efficiency and speed. Let your automated business processes work with the RPA bots and workflows to deliver high-quality results with a lot less resources.

Data Integration

Collect and integrate data using RPA bots

Collect data from or transfer data to legacy systems within PaperWorkBPM workflow to create a single interface for all the data required to complete a task.

Increase efficiency of business processes, reduce processing times and errors, and improve customer satisfaction by employing RPA bots within your PaperWorkBPM workflows.

Workflow Routing

Connected business processes

Within a single process, complete a task on a legacy system and bring the results to PaperWorkBPM to route the workflow to the next step.

Let different applications talk to each other, regardless of their technologies, to run the processes smoothly to deliver employee and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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