Low-Code Development

Power Your
Process Automation

A low-code process automation platform that makes the difference between companies that have to wait years for software development requests and companies that can develop and use the software they need in a short time.

How does it work?

With PaperWorkBPM’s low-code architecture, design processes without writing code and go live in no time.

Adopt to Evolving Business Needs at the Speed of Business

Develop more process applications in less time, improve efficiency, and stand out in the competition.

Adopt the speed and agility of the digital age and improve the quality of your products and services with PaperWorkBPM low-code technology.

Bring process-based applications to life in a short time using PaperWorkBPM low-code process automation platform, the rapid application development technology of the modern world.

Stand out in the Competition

With PaperWorkBPM, businesses can quickly react to changing market dynamics, consumer needs or disruptive digital transformation threats.

PaperWorkBPM’s low-code process automation platform helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by empowering their employees to run digital projects, increase productivity, and improve customer experience.

No-Code Integrations

Integrate different systems into the same process, ensure that all employees can quickly access data and information in the workflows, eliminating the need for data processing and providing a single, streamlined interface to control multiple business operations.

With faster decision-making using a single interface and the data at your fingertips, spend more time productively and utilise resources efficiently.

Learn More About Form Builder

Check out PaperWorkBPM’s multilingual responsive HTML5 forms to transform your paper forms and Excel files into data collection and processing applications.

Process Designer

Design, automate and deploy enterprise-grade business processes using a visual, web-based workflow designer with click-and-configure, no-code activity templates. Extend workflow capabilities by developing your activity templates, custom integration activities and custom methods that you can invoke within any workflow.

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