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Every process that is adapted by coding becomes very costly and takes a long time, considering the operating and support costs. Making changes on the process is quite difficult. The firm cannot adapt its processes to new conditions in the face of changes. Print process for ERP, make process for purchasing, contract and suggestion system, adapt process for HR, print process for quality system… These are endless. There is no limit to the money and resources you will spend to adapt processes, integrate and develop mobile applications in different applications. Use PaperWork’s HTML5-based graphical form and workflow design tools. Increase your process adaptation speed and decrease your costs. Easily create interfaces and workflows that business units need by drawing and drag-and-drop.

PaperWork exchanges data with the Robusta RPA virtual robot over a connector without writing code. Thus, both humans and virtual robots are deployed on the same flow. With this integration, RPA robots work together to perform specific tasks in PaperWork BPM workflows. During the process, many routine operations that are expected to be performed by the employees are performed automatically by Robusta RPA robots. The digital workforce, consisting of employees and RPA robots, works in harmony and integration with each other on the same process, providing savings, efficiency, speed and quality in transactions that used to be time and costly.

Yes, with PaperWork’s advanced responsive electronic forms and BPM tool, you can manage any workflow on the system. It takes all the operations related to documents and processes on PaperWork. You do not need to purchase separate applications for your different process needs. Your operating, support and licensing costs are reduced. By integrating PaperWork with your ERP, you can easily reduce the cost and time of ERP implementation.

PaperWork BPM monitors and measures every step of the processes. Monitoring the amount of work on individuals, tracking the completion times of the works and identifying the problematic steps allow the processes to be revised in the most efficient way. Alerts are sent when target time (SLA) is exceeded. The system automatically activates plan B and prevents the process from being disrupted. The analytics module generates dasboards and reports, allows you to instantly monitor the workload status and KPI data whether the work is completed within the given target time. Processes become transparent, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction increase.

Our solution, which supports Low Code and Citizen Developer standards, enables our customers to adapt the processes themselves, without the need for us. PaperWork has technologies that reduce coding and customization. With the form wizard and BPMN 2.0 flow design tool that works in a parametric structure, you can create the most complex processes and forms yourself, without being dependent on us. In our “Owl Academy” training center established for this purpose, PaperWork experts of our customers are trained with 10-day free applied trainings that are repeated every month.

Yes, PaperWork has native workflow and document management application developed specifically for IOS & Android. Once you design the workflow and forms, it also works on mobile without you having to take any action. With mobile forms from the field, data and documents are easily collected and included in the process. Notifications sent by PaperWork are seen as “Push messages” on mobile devices. For example, when you detect a nonconformity, you can start the process by opening the PaperWork application on your mobile phone, taking a photo and filling out the CAPA form. At the same time, our HTML5 web application also works on mobile devices.

Our user interfaces are quite diverse:

  • Responsive web
  • Native mobile
  • SAP module
  • Outlook module

The end user interfaces of PaperWork and the design interfaces used by the admins are HTML5 responsive web application. Our workflow also works from within Outlook and SAP to maximize ease of use. Similarly, our document management solution can also run directly from within SAP R/3 and S4 HANA.

Yes. When you define and place the designed HTML5 responsive forms into the web or desktop application, the design and buttons work inside the application as well. Thus, PaperWork BPM collects forms and data running inside other applications and puts them directly into the workflow.

Yes, PaperWork platform consists of integrated document management and workflow application running on SDK. It manages millions of documents and tens of thousands of transactions at the same time with high performance. Document versioning, full text search, history tracking, document sharing with link, scanning/indexing interfaces, searching from index data, document, folder, person, group, role-based authorization are some of the features of the system.

Yes, with the integration, every application can upload and view documents to the system using Content Server’s content services. In this way, all documents are managed by PaperWork from a single point. It is prevented from being kept on different applications.

The PaperWorkBPM platform supports all integration methods. There is no application with which it cannot exchange data.

Systems that talk to each other increase efficiency.

  • Web service
  • Database connection
  • Method (.NET DLL)
  • Interface integration with SDK
  • Active Directory, LDAP, User list
  • Connectors (integration without writing any code, SAP, LOGO, Robusta, KONZEK MES, CPM, e-invoice)
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