Document Archive

Secure, Accessible
and Efficient
Document Archiving

Streamline your document management process with our robust archiving solution. Experience the ease of storing, retrieving, and managing your business documents in one secure place.

How Does It Work?

PaperWorkBPM’s Document Archive is designed to provide businesses with a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for managing their documents. Our platform offers a range of benefits that enhance productivity, improve compliance, and protect your valuable data.


As your business grows, PaperWorkBPM's Document Archive grows with you. Our system can handle increasing volumes of documents and users, ensuring your document management remains efficient and effective.

Secure Storage

Keep your documents safe with advanced security measures to protect against data loss and unauthorized access.

Easy Access

Retrieve your documents quickly and easily with our powerful search tools and intuitive interface.

Improved Compliance

Our system supports compliance with various regulations, providing audit trails and ensuring proper document retention.

Efficient Management

Organize your documents effectively with our flexible filing structures, version control, and document linking capabilities.

Collaborative Tools

Share documents securely and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Our Special Features

PaperWorkBPM's Document Archive is packed with features that make document management a breeze. From powerful search options to built-in email management, we've got you covered.

OCR Search

Find your documents quickly with our built-in OCR search feature.

Mobile Access

Access your documents anytime, anywhere with our mobile app.

Workflow Integration

Integrate your document management with your workflows for seamless operations.

Scanning Tools

Digitize your paper documents easily with our scanning tools.

Version Control

Keep track of document changes and revisions with our version control feature.

Document Sharing

Share documents securely with your team and external parties.

Preview Documents

Preview your documents directly within our platform before downloading or sharing.

Document Binding

Combine multiple documents into a single record for easy access and management.

Document Link Sharing

Share links to your documents for easy access and collaboration.

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