SAP Process Services

Optimize Your SAP Ecosystem with PaperWorkBPM

Seamlessly integrate and automate your SAP processes for enhanced agility, efficiency, and business value. 

SAP + PaperWorkBPM = Agility

The PaperWorkBPM SAP Process Connector is a powerful tool that enables seamless integration between PaperWorkBPM and SAP systems. It allows users to leverage SAP functions within PaperWorkBPM, resulting in streamlined workflows and increased productivity.  

Greater Agility and Flexibility

Visually design, automate, and deploy SAP-connected custom process applications in weeks, not months. Adapt to evolving customer and business needs at the speed of business.

Greater Adaptability

Accelerate your operations, promote collaboration, and improve the user and customer experience while running the business more efficiently.

Seamless Integration

Connect to SAP directly from your web forms using out-of-the-box SAP adapter. Users can access the information they need from SAP without switching applications.

Cross-Boundary Collaboration

Create interactions with SAP at any point within a PaperWorkBPM business process and share or replicate information between systems.

Efficient Process Management

Streamline SAP business processes by reducing the time per transaction and reduce errors by giving SAP users access to documents in a single document repository.

Enhanced User Experience

Eliminate the need to switch between applications, offer secure, direct access to PaperWorkBPM processes and documents from within a familiar SAP user interface.

Agile and Robust

PaperWorkBPM's SAP Process Services offers a unique value proposition by providing a robust, agile, and cost-effective solution to extend and optimize your SAP applications. 

Increase Your ROI with
the Power of Automation

PaperWorkBPM’s SAP Process Services is packed with unique features designed to maximize your SAP investment and drive business transformation. 

Visual Process Designer

Design and automate complex SAP process applications spanning multiple organizations and SAP modules.

No-Code SAP Activity Template

Orchestrate and extend your SAP applications quickly and cost-effectively using out-of-the-box, no-code SAP activity template.

SAP Adapter

Connect to SAP directly from your web forms using the out-of-the-box SAP adapter.

Process Automation

Complete SAP business process automation by integrating supporting documents with powerful features such as searching, manual and automated document creation, viewing, and editing.

Mobile Accessibility

Access your SAP processes on the go with our mobile-friendly design and features.


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