Professional Services

Professional Services

PaperWorkBPM Professional Services

At PaperWorkBPM, our mission is crystal clear: we’re dedicated to assisting our clients in the seamless implementation of PaperWorkBPM business suite.

Unlocking the Power of BPM with PaperWorkBPM

Business process management is the heartbeat of organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our services encompass the full lifecycle of BPM projects, from meticulous planning and organized execution to meticulous control and stabilization. We aim to optimize your business processes, ensuring they are embraced with open arms by your customers, managers, and employees.

Adaptation: Crafting Efficiency for Your Business

The adaptation phase is where the magic happens. We translate your needs into technical implementation and user-friendly interfaces. Our focus includes:

  • Process design & modeling
  • Process flow and attributes
  • Process forms
  • Integration with existing business applications
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Process documents
  • Reports

PaperWorkBPM: Where Utility Meets User-Friendliness

PaperWorkBPM empowers your organization with an array of interfaces, each tailored to specific needs. Our extensive customization options ensure you get the tools you need to excel, including:

SAP BPM Client

SAP Content Services

Web Client

Custom Client

PaperWorkBPM for Outlook

Mobile Client for iOS and Android

Baykuş Academy Training: Your Path to Mastery

Whether you're an IT pro or a newcomer to the tech world, we've got you covered. Our training equips you to create workflows from scratch, navigate work flow activities, design organization schemas, and define document templates. Join our two-day training sessions with a maximum of six participants and discover the power of PaperWorkBPM.

What is Included?

Knowledge is power, and we’re here to empower you. Our Baykuş Academy is dedicated to providing you with the competence needed to leverage PaperWorkBPM for solving real-world business challenges. Our approach is efficient, with concise training sessions that cover the essentials, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge directly. Join the ranks of 200 satisfied attendees from 34 different companies who have benefited from our 7 training courses.

Workflow Management with PaperWorkBPM

Document Management with PaperWorkBPM

Reporting with PaperWorkBPM

PaperWorkBPM System Administration

Introduction to PaperWorkBPM for Developers

PaperWorkBPM Software Development Kit I

PaperWork Software Development Kit II

Exceptional Support & Maintenance

At Baykuş Academy, customer satisfaction is our North Star. Our dedication to your success doesn't end with implementation. Our comprehensive maintenance and support resources are here to maximize the value of your investment.

Technical Support at Your Fingertips

Our online support center is at your service 24x7, offering self-service technical assistance. Here's what you can expect:

  • Logging tickets and tracking their status
  • Updates on supported platforms and hardware
  • Access to product documentation, technical articles, and FAQs
  • Submitting support tickets online

We offer support via telephone, email, and remote assistance to ensure your queries are addressed promptly.

Software Maintenance & Upgrades

Your journey with PaperWorkBPM doesn't end with implementation. Throughout the support agreement term, we provide you with patches, bug fixes, and the latest releases of the PaperWorkBPM Platform. Stay at the forefront of technology with our continuous support.

At Baykuş Academy, we're not just your service provider; we're your partner in success. Let's elevate your business processes, boost your efficiency, and unleash the full potential of PaperWorkBPM together.

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