Human Resources

People are a critical component of every organization. A digitized approach in human resources enables your company to optimize data management, eliminate errors and create space for growth and success of your employees.

Automated Governance

Transform your interdepartmental administrative work into a motivational tool that requires no additional effort. Essential human resources processes, digitized forms, and approvals help foster motivation throughout your company by eliminating cumbersome paperwork required to keep track of your organization and unlocks the full potential of your employees.

Streamline The Hiring Process

It takes a great deal of time and human effort to adjust job requirements according to the position, schedule meetings, shuffle through documents, getting the right information out and onboarding new employees every time you are hiring. 

PaperWorkBPM enables you to streamline the process and make it easier for everyone on board with advanced and automated workflows.

Policy Making and Transparency

Allow your organization to create completely transparent human resources policies and let your employees know what to expect.

Efficient Leave Requests

Automatically approve, record and notify leave requests for a smooth transition for all parties involved. Enable informed decisions for all departments by making availability of all team members in a specific time period fully visible.

Smart Record Keeping

Maintain a centralized library about the entire lifecycle of your employees to ease decision making, administration, keeping an audit trail and track activity.

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