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For us, the cornerstone of customer satisfaction in the modern digital world is effective process management. That is why we have a resounding motto: Do not decide before you see PaperWorkBPM.

Why our credentials are important

At PaperWorkBPM, we promise our clients premium service and expertise. Our elite certifications and industry partnerships are one of the reasons why we can make that promise and make it with confidence.

We’ve configured our operations to comply with the highest data handling standards, so we stay ahead of the regulatory asks for every industry. Our growing national footprint gives us the opportunity to have deep relationships with the companies that provide our tools and networks. We’re putting this expertise to work for you, every day, through better trained service personnel, and cutting-edge products and packages.


Canon shares its experience in archiving with you, our valued customers, with its wide product range consisting of ADF scanner and Flatbed scanner options. Today, in the physical environment, the operating costs of the archived documents have increased a lot. It is easier to manage, share and secure the archives transferred to the electronic environment, and the archive operating costs are reduced. The most important factor when digitizing documents is to use high performance document scanners with low operating costs. Canon DR series document scanners allow you to get the best performance from your projects with their speed, scanning quality and low operating costs.


Our company, which closely follows Microsoft technologies, always examines new technologies and offers appropriate technologies to our customers. As Microsoft’s solution partner, our PaperWork© product uses the current versions of Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server products.

Koç Sistem

Thanks to the cooperation with Koç Sistem, one of Turkey’s leading systems integrators, successful implementations have been realized in projects both within and outside the Koç Group. With its experience built over the years, Koç Sistem produces turnkey projects that fully meet the needs of its customers with the solutions of GGSoft. We offer creative solutions to our customers in terms of both software and service bureau services with Koç Sistem, with which we are in close cooperation in all areas of document management.


It is a revolutionary technology that accelerates the routine, repetitive and predictable tasks of office workers with the help of automation technologies that can imitate employee behavior, increases the quality and consistency of business processes, supports the scaling of work, and provides human resource savings and cost advantages. These applets mimic the actions of a human interacting with digital systems, using user interfaces to capture data and act on applications like humans. In other words, these robots can work directly in application user interfaces, enter data automatically, trigger actions on multiple systems.

Working integrated with the PaperWork platform, the Robusta RPA solution helps you create organizations with customer satisfaction at the center in a short time.

RPA solutions are vital for success in companies’ digital transformation journeys. It is not possible to achieve the speed and accuracy provided by robots, which are not affected by conditions such as workload and mood, do not forget their duties and do not go beyond the protocol given to them, with human power. The benefits of RPA solutions can only be maximized by using RPA robots in business processes involving employees and other systems.

Strategic Partnerships

How we work with our partners

At PaperworkBPM, we treat our partners with the utmost respect and expect the same in return. We believe that the key to fostering any good relationship is finding the right balance between the give and the take.

We pride ourselves on striking the perfect harmony between the two so that our relationships can flourish to full potential.


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